Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Converting video made easy on E90

After reading a lot of articles and doing several video encoding trials, I found the best solution.
Its a free encoding software called MediaCoder and you can run a preset configuration file for the nokia E90 (I don´t know who created the file, but thanks).

You just have to :

Download and install Media coder (I have 0.6.2) - Link

Download this preset with all settings for Nokia E90 - Link

Run MediaCoder ,go to FILE menu and select LOAD PRESET (run the file you just downloaded)

Thats it! Now you just select the file you want to convert and press START. If you want its possible to encode with subtitles...

E90 Regards

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quake 3 Arena

When Quake 3 Arena was lauched, I remember overclocking my old PC to get acceptable performance, now I´m glad to know its possible to play exactly the same game on the big screen of my phone.
You have to congratulate Hinkka, he is the man behind all the quake ports to Symbian phones.
Quake 3 Arena is only available to N95 8gb, N82 and E90. If you are lucky to have one of this phones, you have to try this...

See for yourself on the video below:

E90 Regards

Sygic McGuider 7.60 GPS

Great news for E90 owners!!!!
Sygic McGuider is compatible with the inner screen of Nokia E90, and honestly, one of the best GPS applications I have tested so far. Its not full of gadgets like Garmin, Navigon or even TomTom, but Sygic is very good in the simple task of getting you where you want to go.
Intelligent address input, clean design, good menu navigation and high framerate even in the inner screen.
Screenshots and video as usual:

Clean design

High resolution

Great navigation

Check the video

E90 Regards

Sunday, November 23, 2008

GameBoy Advance Emulator

Vbag is a GameBoy Advance Emulator for Symbian phones and works perfectly in both screens of Nokia E90. Most GBA games are playable at full speed, you just need to customize your keys and screen, and you are "Ready for Takeoff!". Download games for free (just google for "gba roms") and store them on your memory card.
Its even better than having a real GameBoy Advance...
Supermario and Mortal Kombat screenshots and videos:

E90 Regards

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Age of Empires 3 Mobile

Another precious finding on my research is one of the most important pieces on the evolution of Real Time Strategy games.
Age of Empires 3 mobile is running with 800x352 resolution and it is a pleasure to play seeing all scenario around you in great definition. You can almost sense you are cheating because you can see further than any other mobile. Great game for long periods of time like traveling, if you are not driving, of course... :)
Screenshots and video as usual:

E90 regards

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Garmin Mobile XT 5.0

How could I live without GPS ??? Since I bought the bluetooth antena for my oldie PDA Ipaq h1930 and ran TomTom on it, I got dependant on GPS. I use it everyday on my job and it saves me time and money.
Searching the web for compatible navigation software, I found out that Garmin works perfectly on the Nokia E90 inner screen and with the built-in A-GPS. There are other options, but I will write about them later.
Screenshots and video as usual:

The main screen

The navigation Map switches for night mode depending on the time.

Great options like google local search or panoramic photos

You can use it as OnBoard Computer

Driving with a camera on the left hand is not easy...

E90 Regards

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diamond Islands

I´m not a big fan of puzzle games, but I have to admit this one is pretty addictive.
The goal is to move big stones from A to B and to catch all the diamonds in the way. The first 20 levels are very easy and you start getting all cocky and thinking you are a genious... but shortly after that, "cockyness" will be transformed into frustration.
Works in full inner screen.
Shots and video as always...

E90 Regards