Thursday, November 20, 2008

Age of Empires 3 Mobile

Another precious finding on my research is one of the most important pieces on the evolution of Real Time Strategy games.
Age of Empires 3 mobile is running with 800x352 resolution and it is a pleasure to play seeing all scenario around you in great definition. You can almost sense you are cheating because you can see further than any other mobile. Great game for long periods of time like traveling, if you are not driving, of course... :)
Screenshots and video as usual:

E90 regards


  1. Sup cool site man i've been looking for somthing like this for my e90 only problem when i install AGE3 i click the icon and nothing happends anyway to troubleshoot this can i see any logs? or anything im new to symbian os as you can see but really enjoy learing about it.

  2. Just a tip, use your e90 barcode reader in the Age of Empires post... It will help.
    E90 Regards

  3. nice it worked didnt even think that thought it just had like the url of your site in it or somthing.. anymore cool fullscreen games for the e90 ?

  4. hello mate... nice blog by the way... im just wondering... i have searched all day for the e90 version of the age of empires 3... and couldnt found a working full screen version of it... could u upload ur .jar file of the full screen age of empires? preety pleease... huhu... its been a tiring thing to search for the file on the net... huhu...

  5. You rock Dude!! made my e90 kick ass thank you so much.

  6. Great site !!!
    Thanks very much ...