Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Garmin Mobile XT 5.0

How could I live without GPS ??? Since I bought the bluetooth antena for my oldie PDA Ipaq h1930 and ran TomTom on it, I got dependant on GPS. I use it everyday on my job and it saves me time and money.
Searching the web for compatible navigation software, I found out that Garmin works perfectly on the Nokia E90 inner screen and with the built-in A-GPS. There are other options, but I will write about them later.
Screenshots and video as usual:

The main screen

The navigation Map switches for night mode depending on the time.

Great options like google local search or panoramic photos

You can use it as OnBoard Computer

Driving with a camera on the left hand is not easy...

E90 Regards


  1. I get a lag on the gps and the car icon i'd say about 100ft behind where im at does this happen to yours ?

  2. can't get mine to acquire a position.. :(

  3. where is the link for download? answer pls

  4. where to get free navigation license code ??
    for nokia e90

  5. Where is the download link??

  6. this idiot don't give us the link asshole!

  7. Assalam Alaikum,
    good.... everything which u showed are really helpful but same time if u give download link for each software that may more happy to us anyway nice.guyz u can find these software in webs ite called"RapidShare" enjoy...