Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quake 2 Fullscreen and Fullspeed

E90 capabilities surprise me everyday, I know this is not new but I had to talk about the best game available to nokia e90.
The quake 2 engine runs OpenGL at full speed taking advantage of the little "internal graphic processor", every detail is there exactly as it was played on the PC, and you can also redefine the keyboard and use all the keys available on the e90 keypad.
Its free to install but you need at least one version of Quake 2 for PC, you will be asked for the .Pak files of the shareware version with a couple of levels or the .pak of the full game. More details at the official site.
This is how it works:

E90 Regards


  1. Great post! I'm going to install it now, and I'm so excited! Great blog!

  2. where is the download link of this games ??


    this is the only place where i found any things to my Nokia E90.

    i will bookmark this!

    Thanks for making this blog :)