Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Widsets on E90

If you never heard about widsets or widgets, the concept is simple : widsets is a free application where you can run several widgets in the same background,connecting to the internet and feeding your phone with precious information to carry around all day.
There is a community launching dozens of widgets everyday so you will never be bored with this wonderfull aplication.
Games, News, Mail, Messaging, weather, blogs, you name it ... all inside Widsets.
If you need more information, go to Widsets website
Best of all, it runs beautifully on both screens of Nokia E90.

All widgets are presented with side scrolling, its very easy and smooth to navigate.

This is Accuweather report, you don´t need to install a weather aplication and it´s free!

Bombus, the single button game. This anoying and addictive game will rank your result online, so you can compare your performance with other players. (Never got better than 40000th Place....)

This is an example of ThinkGeek widget.

Recommended for all compatible phones, but specially to Nokia E90 owners.

E90 Regards

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  1. i cannot install widsets right now bcoz the store has moved..is there any alternative link for that or can you plz upload it so that we can share the widset exp.?

    Thanks in advance