Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quake 3 Arena

When Quake 3 Arena was lauched, I remember overclocking my old PC to get acceptable performance, now I´m glad to know its possible to play exactly the same game on the big screen of my phone.
You have to congratulate Hinkka, he is the man behind all the quake ports to Symbian phones.
Quake 3 Arena is only available to N95 8gb, N82 and E90. If you are lucky to have one of this phones, you have to try this...

See for yourself on the video below:

E90 Regards


  1. How did you manage to install it on E90?

    I've downloaded it.. it installed but when I click on icon nothing happens. I've had same story with Quake 2 ? Do I need anything extra?

  2. For Medyk:

    I had the same problem, but then I installed Symbian PIPS and it worked.


  3. Hi! I don't know where to post my feedback so I'll use this way. Your website is perfect cause you concentrate on inner screen apps and games, so that is perfect. It's very hard or it was for me to find something with full potencional for this huge screen. Also I appreciate using of "qr" codes for downloading. Your blog is perfect way how to use E90 at maximum. Btw I got some next tip for you: If you now you can find there a tutorial for Transport Tycoon. The control is quite difficult but of course you can play it on inner screen. Best regards Honza

  4. Everything what i download from this site doesnt work on my E90 :((((((( please somehow HELP me!

  5. answer to me on this mail

  6. Symbian PIPS can someone give to me a link for download this and name of file


    you need some folder from the q3a for pc.

  8. plz help me in installing the quake 3 on my phone .... it was perfectly installed on my phone bt whhen i open quake does not open
    thank u
    plz mail me at ....

  9. This Game didnt Work!

    The Certifikat is old Please Update the install datei

  10. not working after installation of symbian PIPS

  11. i did everythin u mentioned but its not working on my nokia e90, please help............
    reply me @