Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Converting video made easy on E90

After reading a lot of articles and doing several video encoding trials, I found the best solution.
Its a free encoding software called MediaCoder and you can run a preset configuration file for the nokia E90 (I don´t know who created the file, but thanks).

You just have to :

Download and install Media coder (I have 0.6.2) - Link

Download this preset with all settings for Nokia E90 - Link

Run MediaCoder ,go to FILE menu and select LOAD PRESET (run the file you just downloaded)

Thats it! Now you just select the file you want to convert and press START. If you want its possible to encode with subtitles...

E90 Regards


  1. I look forward to your further postings on the E90.

    Thank you for this site and keep up the good work!

  2. tnx for this blog... bye!!

  3. hi, did you ever tried vsun its the snes emulator. i dont know if it runs on e90

  4. the preset link is always busy..can you please post a different link to download the preset file..maybe rapidshare or megaupload should do fine..thnx in advance!!

  5. I also have had problems finding a good set of software to get video on the E90 in the end a collaboration of slysofts anyDVD and cloneDVD mobile are deffinatly the best - not free - but well well worth the small fee. Works seemlessly. I had problems with media coder.

  6. i never know where to post .. so i post here !!!!
    a software called aikonlab handwave v0.2 for e90 .. when i installed in the end it shows "Reqiured application access not granted" plz help me .... its a very cool app. for ur e90 !!
    i recommeted u all to download dis app.
    plz rply ..... yourwelwisher4@gmail.com

  7. dead links can you post again please?

  8. Dead links !
    Repload please (or share in other way) and publish adresses. Thx in Advance ;)

  9. Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro will do the trick